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About Tove Gravdal


I work as a full-time visual artist, mostly with non figurativ art. I also do landscape and portrait. However, in the past I was trained as  a preschool teacher and had also education in special pedagogic. I was working with seriously  sick children and their families in Neurosurgical Department at Rikshospitalet in Oslo  and did love my job.

Like many others, I had a dream. You probably had a dream too. Like something  you wanted to learn, to do or to  be? My Dream was to learn how to draw and how to create beautiful artwork. I actually studied textile art and learned how to weave from high school, which have inspired me to become an artist. My first step was to pick up a book, called " To draw is to see"  and started drawing. And I was obsessed with it. While working part-time  at Rikshospital I studied art, especially doing drawing lesson from different  books. I continued my journey and learned  from  several of the best visual artists  in Norway, in  both classical  and modern art.

My dream became true when I attended 3 years part-time  visual art education at Nydalen Art School in Oslo (2009-2012). Since  2010 I have  been working  as a visual artist and attending different painting and drawing activities. In 2014 I moved to Berlin, and I worked as a painter in my studio in the art gallery  "Joao Cocteau "  in Berlin-Neukölln. In 2016 I moved back Oslo and continued with my art project.  

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